Service Shops
Whether you are a motorcycle, powersports dealer, or a service repair shop, AmeriDeck™ offers a perfect truck bed solution for service shops looking to transport or recovery powersports or motorcycle

AmeriDeck Lift System

  • Ground Level Loading – No Ramp or Trailer Needed
  • Smaller Truck = Smaller Footprint
  • Easy Access Tie Downs for safe transport
  • 45° Rear Loading Angle
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The Other Guys

  • Cheap
  • Extreme loading angle
  • Can be unsafe for one person to load/unload
  • Must be transported in the truck (can be awkward, take up space, damage bike)
  • No way to properly secure bike to the deck in upright position




Find the answers to the commonly asked questions about the PowerDeck™ product.

How many motorcycles can I haul at once?

Depending on size and style. Lift capacity is 2,500 lbs. examples include: Recommendation for two bikes: install 3 wheel chocks on the deck with one being offset on the outside to allow proper spacing for two motorcycles

Can I haul a trike?

Yes, but, the overall dimensions of the trike cannot exceed: DumpDeck | 52″W x deck length PowerDeck | 57″ x deck length

Can I haul a CanAm?

Yes, but, the overall dimensions of the CanAm cannot exceed: DumpDeck | 52″W x deck length PowerDeck | 57″ x deck length

Do you offer wheel chocks?

Yes, Wheel Chocks are available through additional purchase at AmeriDeck.

What kind of straps can I use to tie down my bike?

We recommend S-Hooks.

How long does it take to unload a motorcycle?

It takes AmeriDeck less than 90 seconds to unload to the ground. The operator will then need to remove the tie-downs, back the motorcycle from the deck. 90 more seconds for the AmeriDeck to reload into the bed of the truck and off you go.