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All AmeriDeck™ logos Bundle


PowerDeck Imagery Bundle

PowerDeck Image Bundle

DumpDeck Imagery Bundle

PowerDeck Image Bundle

Imagery Bundle

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Delivery & Transport

Application Exclusivie Bundle


Application Exclusivie Bundle

Delivery & Transport

Application Exclusivie Bundle

Recreation vehicle transport

Application Exclusivie Bundle

Snow & Ice Management

Application Exclusivie Bundle

Vocation Application

Application Exclusivie Bundle


Earn Credits based on purchase which can include bonus opportunities throughout the year with various programs.


  • Product Bundles Purchases

Spend credits on items that help market AmeriDeck™ more efficiently

Actions/Effort Examples:

  • Tradeshow Booth/Event Expenses
  • Marketing Assets
  • Showroom Materials
  • Digital / Print Advertisement
  • Off-set Purchase Credits

Claim credits by completing the claim form below, ensuring all details are provided and attached. 

Approved Marketing Co-op are issued as credits to your dealer account on pro-rated 50%/50% basis.

50%/50% Credit Examples:

  • Equals 50% Co-op credit
    1. AmeriDeck™ product-line
  • Equals 1/2 of 50% Co-opcredit
    1. Product-line 
    2. AmeriDeck™ product-line
  • Equals 1/5 of 50%Co-op credit
    1. Product-line 
    2. Product-line 
    3. Product-line 
    4. Product-line 
    5. AmeriDeck™ product-line



    Marketing Co-op Claim Form

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