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Lift System Installation

Lift System Installation

Installation Manual (PDF) Looking to quickly download the Installation Manual in PDF form, we have got you covered, check out the download link below.Step OneStep 01A First Step Second Step Third Step Step 01A First Step Second Step Third Step Step 01A First Step...

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Find the answers to the commonly asked questions about the PowerDeck™ product.

Do I need to take my system to a professional to be installed?

No. The installation process involves a few simple tools and can be completed on your own if you feel comfortable with the lifting and installation process.

What types of tools do I need to install my system?

Refer to our install manual

What if I run into problems installing my system?

Call the factory and we will help in any way we can

I've followed the instructions, but my system is not receiving power?

Call our technical support department

Can I install myself?

Yes, most of our customers do install the system themselves. It bolts to the bed of the truck and gets wired into the truck battery so anyone with any type of mechanical background can perform the install. The most important thing is to make sure you have the proper equipment to move the system and deck around because of the weight.

Can I pick up at your location and if so will you guys install the system?

You are able to pick the system up at our location but we do not do installation

How long does it take to install?

Depends on familiarity with our system and level of background. Most installs take between 4-5 hours. With two people, time can be reduced.

Can I install this on a truck that does not have a pick-up bed on it?

Yes, the system can be installed directly to the frame rails but will require some custom brackets.

What is the lift capacity of the system?


How much can the system lift?

The AmeriDeck lift system has a lift capacity of 2,500lbs.

Can I still tow a trailer and/or camper?

You can absolutely still tow with our system installed. If you add a deck extension this might become a little more tricky and it will depend on the type of trailer/camper you have the tong length.

What types of straps can I use?

We recommend S-Hooks.

Can I store things under the deck?

Underneath the decks, you have approximately 9”H x 18”H x the deck length providing ample space for tools and/or straps

What are the legs for?

The front deck legs may be needed depending on the height of your truck bed off the ground.

Are the wheels removable?

Yes, the wheels of the deck can be easily removed.

Can I drive on the tailgate of the DumpDeck?

Like all gates, there is a limit to what can be driven on it. There is a 45° rear approach angle that does make it easier to load equipment.

How much can it hold? (volume and weight) (water and dirt levels)

6.5 Water = .87cubicyd/23.5cubicft 8 Water = 1cubicyd/29.3cubicft 6.5 Dirt = 1.85cubicyd/50cubicft(+/-20%) 8 Dirt = 2.4cubicyd/66cubicft

What kind of maintenance does my system require?

Not very much. Keep the system greased at the grease points and check to make sure you do not have debris in your hydraulic fluid. Use touch up paint when you get scratches in the powder to prevent rust.

Where can I find replacement parts?

You can get all of the parts you need for you AmeriDeck through AmeriDeck. Contact Josh Oertly at (866) 890-2311


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